Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Amaya

Amaya had fun eating her cake. I'd say she was the most aggressive of all the kids, but she wasn't that messy really. She was really angry when we took the cake from her though. What a cutie.
(Our neighbor Lupe came for the family party.)


I've always liked St. Patricks Day. This year I made taco salad for dinner, complete with green rice, guacamole, green juice, and corn for the gold. Aliza wore green all day and then for dinner decided she wanted to change.
I am a very LUCKY woman. Lucky to have a great husband. Lucky to be able to stay at home with my kids. Lucky to be able to have 4 beautiful girls. Lucky to have great parents and in-laws. Lucky to have a loving extended family. Lucky to have the gospel. Lucky to have friends. Lucky to live.
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun Pictures

Just some fun pictures from the last couple weeks. Amaya's hair is officially long enough to put into a tiny ponytail. She has the least hair out of all the girls. Madeline loves carrying around her little sisters. It's especially funny and cute when she carries around Rachel. I love our cute kids.

Amaya's ONE!!!

Amaya is one year old today! This year has gone so fast. She is such a sweet little baby. I love Amaya so much. Her personality is really coming out lately.
A couple weeks ago she started taking a few steps and now she walks as much, if not more than she crawls. She has 4 teeth and is our pickiest eater out of all the kids- at least at this stage of life. She loves oranges and dislikes cheerios. What baby doesn't like cheerios? Whenever she doesn't like the food I've given her, or the when she's done with her food she drops it off of her plate. I don't remember any of our other kids doing it as much as she does.
Just this week Amaya has started loving baby dolls. I love that my girls just naturally love baby dolls. The older girls are having a lot of fun teaching Amaya new things... how to shake her head to say no, playing ring around the rosies, and how to say things like "mama" and "daddy". It's very cute. I love seeing them interact. So Amaya can officially say, "mama", "dad-da", and "ah-oh". She's learning so much! Another favorite of Amaya's is climbing on chairs. I think we have another climber on our hands :)
We love Amaya and are so thankful she is part of our family.