Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rachel the Beautician?

A couple weeks ago I was talking on the phone- not even a long phone call- and the girls got the kids scissors down. I went to check on the girls, but it was too late... Rachel had cut her hair! She cut it almost to her shoulder on her left side and cut the hair that was pulled up in her hair thing. Luckily it wasn't crazy short, so it was an easy fix. I wouldn't have cut her hair that short on my own, but I have to say she looks cute with her new little bob. It was also getting hard to comb because she got snarles easily. The rest of the day after I cut her hair she kept going to the mirror and saying, "I look cute! I like my short hair". It was so funny. All of the girls have been told tons of times to never cut hair, but I knew it would happen sometime. I wasn't really too sad about Rachel cutting her hair. Later that night, however, Amaya was running around and it looked like her hair had been cut too. I asked Rachel if she cut it and she finally admitted to cutting Amaya's hair too! Amaya's hair cut wasn't such a nice or easy one to fix. I actually didn't even touch it for a week because I was sad to cut it. I had just cut it and evened it all up, and now I had to cut it another inch or more because it looked like she had a mullet on one side. I eventually cut her hair and kind of fixed it, but not totally. If I would have cut it the same on both sides I wouldn't be able to pull it up. Instead it's messed up, but I just always pull it up into half piggy tails and you can't really tell. Well, Rachel is not allowed to cut with scissors for a LONG time. Good thing hair grows back!
(This is after her haircut by me. You can see where Rachel cut right above Amaya's ear)

Madeline's School

It has been a good year for school. Homeschooling has definitely not been a "walk in the park", but it has been fun having Madeline home for an extra year. One of her school assignments was to draw a picture and write a sentence with an action word. Since it was already on our computer I thought I'd post it for memory sake. She's having a lot of fun learning to write and read and loves drawing.
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A couple weeks ago Aliza and Rachel were running around the house and ran into each other. Rachel got a little bump, but Aliza got a huge goose egg. A couple days later the same thing happened, right in the same place! It happened probably 3 weeks ago and she still has a small bump. I'm glad there was no blood.
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Indoor Picinic

One weekend in mid-January Jared and I skyped with family and let the girls watch T.V. so they would stay occupied. To make it more fun I had them put out blankets and made sandwiches so they could have a little picinic. They were so happy. It made me happy.
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Grandma at Jumping Jungle