Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fun at the Rec Center

Last night we went on a great DATE. That's right, a date... no kids! We went to the rec. center and rock climbed, lifted some weights, swam laps, sat in the hot tub, and sauna. It was SO nice! I was tempted to go to a movie at the dollar theater because I had a cavity filled earlier, but decided otherwise, and boy am I happy I did! Jared and I both had a great time! I would swim every day if I could. When I went to BYU and BYU Hawaii I swam at least 3 times a week.

Going on dates is SO great for marriage! I already knew that, but last night was a great reminder.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Piano Lessons and Story Time


The other night for Family Home Evening Jared taught Madeline and the other girls a basic piano lesson. We were given some recorders so every Monday night we bring those out and let them play them. Maybe we'll have some musical kids.

All of our girls really love having us read to them. We recently got a book of mormon story book for kids, which they absoutely LOVE. It's fun being able to tell them stories from the book of mormon in simpler words.
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Valentine's Day (Wedding) Dress


The girls have been begging me for a while to wear my wedding dress. They are OBSESSED with princess stuff right now. OBSESSED :) I thought Valentine's Day Sunday would be a good day to try it on. I'm happy to say that after almost 6 years, and 4 kids later, it fits great. It was really fun watching the girls be so excited about the dress. I had them carry the train while I hummed the wedding song. I think we might make it a yearly tradition :) Why have a wedding dress just stored in the closet?
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Late Valentines Day

I bought this garland at the dollar store and before I put it up Amaya was just having too much fun playing with it. (This was taken a couple weeks ago)

Another Week at the Hospital

This past week ended up being quite a bit different than expected... Jared and I planned on going to Little Rock Arkansas because Jared had a business trip and I was going to tag along. That didn't end up happening. Earlier in the week Rachel got kind of sick and by Sunday Aliza was pretty sick, so we decided to take her in to quick care before leaving just to make sure everything was okay. (My mom got here on Sunday afternoon to watch the girls for the week)

Much to my surprise Aliza didn't get to come home. Her oxygen levels weren't high enough so she got admitted into the hospital and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Yikes! We sadly canceled our flights for the next morning and hoped we might possibly go later. We didn't end up going on our trip at all, but it ended up being okay because the first day of Jared's training was canceled because of snow. I will be able to use the money for the ticket some other time, so it's nice to know we have a trip coming up sometime in the future.

Aliza didn't get to come out of the hospital until Thursday. She has RAD -Reactive Airway Disease (basically a different name for Asthma) I felt so bad for her. Jared stayed with her most of the time so my mom and I could spend time with each other and so I could take care of the other sick kids at the house. I took Amaya to the doctor on Wednesday and she had a double ear infection and was developing bronchitis. The other girls were sick with similar things. Wow!

Thankfully by the time Aliza came home everyone was pretty much better. Aliza was SO happy to be home. My mom and I actually took the girls to the Temple so we were gone when Jared and Aliza got home. Aliza said, "Hey, where is everybody?" We got home shortly after. The girls were all so happy to see each other. They just played and were happy.

I was pretty sad at the start of the week, but everything worked out well. Little Rock had bad weather, my mom was up here to help with the kids, we took Aliza in and caught the pneumonia early, we were able to feel love from our church members and family, Jared already had time off from work and was able to use his sick leave, my testimony of the love Heavenly Father has for me grew. Everything worked out. I'm very thankful for so many things in my life. I am thankful Aliza is okay and that we have the medicine to help her stay healthy.

I am so happy my mom was here to help. It would have been much more difficult without her. I took her to the airport on Saturday afternoon.

Later Saturday afternoon we ended up going back to the E.R. This time for Amaya. We had an electric heater up high on an end table and somehow she got on the couch and then onto the arm of the couch and pulled the heater onto her face. It left two long stripes down her face, and some burns on her hand. We took her to the E.R. and the Dr. said they were 2rd and 3nd degree burns. I gave Amaya medicine right after it happened, and thought it would be a rough night, but she did and has done really well with everything. She is such a little sweetheart. We hope that the burns will heal properly. They actually already look much better.

I am thankful she wasn't hurt worse. (The picture doesn't do her poor burns justice, also, she pulled off the sock keeping her bandage on and put it in her mouth) Let's pray that we'll stay out of the hospital for the next while...

Monday, February 15, 2010