Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bathing with clothes on

Yesterday after giving all the girls a bath I put Amaya into her clothes and went to get other things. Aliza was still in the bath and a second later I checked on her. Sure enough Amaya decided to join Aliza. This is the 2nd or 3rd time she's done this. I don't remember my other kids doing this. She looked too cute not to take a picture. :)
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Adriondack Bench

I just finished making this bench from knock off wood, and I'm so happy with how it turned out. I definitely made some mistakes along the way, but I think it looks good. It's made of pine and I put a cedar deck finish on it- I have no idea if that's the right thing to do, but we already had it and I knew it would be good for outside. I spent right around $60, and did have a $10 off coupon :) I want to make one or two small adriondack benches for the kids now. How fun!
I'll put specific cuts and wood sizes to get on here soon.
This is the first official pattern I've followed completely from Ana White, and it was great. I'm so happy I've found a new hobby.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Aliza and Mommy

Aliza and I had fun a couple Sunday's ago taking pictures. What a little cutie. I love Aliza. She is getting so big! She has been afraid of movies for a while, but today finally watched "A-ria" (Maria- Sound of Music) She's been listening to the music every night for the last 2 weeks. They all LOVE the Sound of Music. Aliza is our athletic girl. She loves jumping on the trampoline. One of my favorite things is when she comes up and gives me a quick hug or a kiss and then runs off to play. Aliza's "Belle" and always tells me she wants a bell dress up for her birthday. Yellow is her favorite color, and I think it's because it's color of Belle's dress. I love Aliza!
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Yellowstone Pictures

I'm finally putting up pictures of our Yellowstone trip. It was so much fun! I really liked seeing the two bald eagles in their nest. This home is the home I lived in (in Iona) when I was 6-12 years old. It was really fun going and visiting, it brought back great childhood memories.
Aliza really loved Uncle Calvin. She sat on his lap every chance she got. We didn't get a picture of the Idaho Falls Temple because it was snowing so hard when we were there, but we did get pictures at the Rexburg Temple. I'm glad that there are temples all over the world. It's such a neat stop to make along the way.
It was also really nice being able to visit Jared's Uncle and Aunts along the way. We stayed at Uncle Calvin and Aunt Ann's house. We were able to get to know them and that was fun.
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My new obsession: Knock- off Wood

A little while ago I found a website called knock-off Little did I know that it would change my life forever. Really. Now I don't think I'll ever buy a piece of wood furniture. Soon after I found this blog it was Mother's Day. Jared asked me what I wanted and I said a saw. I don't expect anything on Mother's day so I was VERY happily surprised when he bought me a circular saw. I warned him that he was supporting my craziness :) He said he was okay with it as long as I read the instructions :)
So for my first project I, being the cheap person that I am, didn't want to buy wood in case the project was a disaster. A guy I know knew where I could get some free wood crates so I went with him and he helped me pick some good wood. I've always wanted a bench for our front sitting area so I decided that would be my first project. I got the ideas for this bench from Ana White's farmhouse bench, but I wanted to add a shelf so I could put baskets and enough room for shoes underneath.
At night I had such a hard time sleeping because my mind was constantly thinking about this project. The bench ended up pretty different from the actual bench, but I am SO happy for the base idea. I would not have done this without Ana's inspiration.
I finished the bench tonight after adding a min wax antique walnut finish to it. My one regret is that I didn't take before and after pictures. I SO wish I would have. This project cost me less than $10! I love using reclaimed wood.
I've already gone to the wood pile to get another crate and I can't wait to start my next project. I feel so rejuvenated building furniture. I feel so cool! I think Ana White is amazing! Here's a really neat story about her, read it! Maybe you'll ask your husband for a circular saw too :) Now I really am the one to wear the pants in our relationship. :) hahaha

The color of door number one is....

Green!! I might add window boxes to add green in other places, but Jared doesn't want me to.... I guess you'll have to convince him :) I thought this was a cute picture with Jared and the girls. Amaya's stared giving me cheesy smiles and I love it! (we recently got "new" couches, also in the picture, they are SO much better than our old ones!!)