Monday, May 25, 2009

Amaya's Two Months!

I can't believe Amaya is already two months old. She is such a sweet little baby. She has started smiling a lot and makes cute baby sounds too. I love my little girl.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My College Football Dream Conference

I realize this is not realistic, but if I had a college football conference of my choosing, I would create the list of 10 teams below. It would create the regional match ups for great rivalries. It would pull four BCS schools that I'm interested in with some of the best non-BCS schools. This would be something to look forward to every week during the football season.
Teams: Arizona, Arizona State, Nebraska, Colorado, BYU, Utah, UNLV, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Boise State.

Pac10My dad went to graduate school here. Pull them out of the Pac 10.
Pac10Great area of the country. Many friends are from this area or live there now. My brother also lived in Mesa at one point in life.
Big12My wife lived in Lincoln for awhile. Her dad got a degree here too. This would create some family divisions.
Big12They're Nebraska's rival. They would be rivals to the Utah schools if they ever would play.
MWCI went here for college and have followed the football and basketball program since elementary.
MWCBYU's #1 rival. They went undefeated with a promising victory over Alabama.
MWCWon a basketball championship. They are fun to watch in basketball and their football program will be good one day.
MWCThis was my last pick for the conference, but they represent an entire state. They also border lots of the other states in the confence.
MWCNew Mexico is very competitive in the two major sports.
WACI live in the Boise metro and would love to see them play tougher competition. They get good recruits and are coached well.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Owl Family in my Tree

I discovered a owl's nest in my big tree. So I had to climb up with a video and film. Sorry it's not a good job filming. Maybe I'll go up in a month and give an update.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Brianna's Mission Call? Lubbock, Texas

Brianna, Jen's sister, got called to Lubbock, Texas last night. Although we were here in Idaho, we had the priviledge of watching her open the letter live through the webcam with Skype. That was pretty neat. Thanks for letting us watch. The above picture was all the guesses with our family were she was going. Grandpa Gordon Spencer won with Colorado.

She leaves in early July and I might have a high school reunion then, so maybe we can make another trip down. She is excited and we are glad of her decision.

Here are some good sites about that area.
The Mission
The Lubbock Temple
Ariel Photos of Lubbock
The Church in Texas

Some Videos on YouTube

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bowling at BSU

On Monday night for F.H.E. we went to BSU's bowling alley because it's only 1.50 per game per person, and shoes are included. Great deal! I'm pretty sure it was the girls first time bowling. Rachel was crying at first because she was scared, and Aliza wouldn't play until the very end because she was scared... funny I know :) Eventually they all warmed up though and had fun playing.

Amaya did well for the first half but then woke up and needed to be fed. So instead of finishing nursing, I, super woman Jen, bowled WHILE nursing! :) hahaha Good thing the bumpers were up! :)

The winner of the game was ME, how is that possible... well, I did get two or three strikes from bouncing the ball off the bumpers. :) I think we should play that way every time :)