Friday, September 28, 2007


I just have to blog about this now or I will forget funny things that just happened... well it was nap time and Aliza was in bed, Rachel was asleep and Madeline was still awake just playing. She went into her room, where Aliza was sleeping and I heard them making noises. I was in the meantime reading a book, Eclipse, which I happen to be VERY involved in at the moment. After a little bit I realized it was really quiet and I thought to my naive self, oh good, Madeline must have fallen asleep. After a little bit I sucked myself away from reading and decided to go check on the girls. To my surprise Madeline was awake and the room smelled like Vasoline. Madeline had gotten into the top drawer and got a tub of Vasoline out and rubbed it all over herself, Aliza, and the furniture. I would have taken pictures but you couldn't really see much since it was clear. Anyway. I told Madeline to help me clean it up and told her she was in big trouble and asked what we should do. I suggested time out. We proceeded to clean and Madeline kept saying, "Ine's in big trouble" and "Go to time out". Right now she is resting/ having time out on her bed listening to music, but I better go check on her to make sure she isn't making another mess. I should probably save reading until they're really asleep!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Grocery Shopping

The last time I went grocery shopping I brought all the food inside and set it on the kitchen floor (typical). I was so tired after shopping that I just had to rest for a second. When I went in the kitchen after resting Madeline had neatly found a spot in the center of all the grocery bags and said, "hi mommy!" It was really cute. She was opening up the grocery bags like the food was presents. Who knew Raisin Bran would be so exciting :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

2 Months Old!!!

Can you believe it! Rachel is already two months! She is such a cute little baby! She smiles lots and is really good. We love our little Rachel.


When my sisters came up here for Rachel's blessing two of them were reading the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and one had already read it. I was really surprised that my sisters were so into this book and so it kind of interested me, but a book about Vampires and falling in love didn't sound that cool. Anyway. One of my friends here had the book so I started reading it on Wednesday. I only got to read one chapter on both Wednesday and Thursday, but then on Friday I decided I'd just read all day. I've never done this in my entire life, but I was SO into the book. I just couldn't put it down! So I was totally a slacker mom on Friday, but I finished the book (at 1:00 am) and I just LOVED it! My friend actually brought the second book (New Moon) over on Saturday and I read 200 pages while Jared watched football. Anyway. I'm trying not to get as involved in the second book just so I can actually take care of my kids :) I think it is really cool that this lady has written this book. She is LDS and a mom of three little kids. If you haven't read it yet I suggest it!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Cake

Last year I took a cake decorating class so I could make my sister's wedding cake. It is a really fun hobby. Maybe I'll be a professional cake decorator someday.

Cake Decorating with Kids

Today I made a wedding cake for one of Jared's coworkers. Jared had a scout activity so I took care of the girls and made a cake at the same time! The end result: two little girls covered in chocolate pudding (I had to keep them distracted somehow :)) Luckily Jared wasn't gone too long so he took care of the girls while I finished the cake. They'll definitely be having a bath today!

Beautiful Anyway

Well the girls hair didn't turn out so well. It was fun anyway. Next time I'll do piggy tails and then curlers :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Picture Perfect???

So I'm trying to become a photographer... not really I just love taking pictures of the girls and my real purpose is to get ONE good one of all three of them. You would think it wouldn't be that hard, but it really is difficult. Whenever the girls all look cute and are all behaving I think oh this will be the perfect time to take a picture, but it usually doesn't work out as well as I would have hoped. I have gotten some pretty cute ones though, and maybe I'll just have to use photo shop so I can have all three girls looking at the camera and smiling. :)

Little Miss Smiley

Rachel smiles all the time now! So she either has a lot of gas or she's a really happy baby. I think the latter :) She is a sweet little baby and just keeps getting cuter and cuter. (not that I'm biased or anything) She is making the cooing noises already. I say already because it just seems to be going so fast. I can't remember the "typical" age they start doing everything, which is silly because it wasn't even that long ago that Aliza was this age, but anyway, it's a new experience every time and I really love having Rachel in our home.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

So lately I've been in the mood to make my girls totally girly :) On Monday I gave them a bath and then decided it would be fun to paint their nails. Madeline LOVES having her nails painted and this was Aliza's first time. I think Aliza was a little confused, but she was so calm so it wasn't hard at all. Madeline did manage to get some in her hair, but it was an overall good experience.
Tonight while Jared was at scouts I had another "girly" idea and decided to give the girls baths and put their hair in curlers. I love it when they're clean. They just look so cute! Madeline was showing Aliza a baby picture of her and I thought it was sweet. They are really good friends and I'm so glad I have three little girls. Rachel is a little too young to paint nails and curl hair, so I did all of this while she was peacefully sleeping :)
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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Get the Stink Bug

Aliza goes after the stink bug. An intense search, but in the end, the beetle runs free.

Feed the Birds

The family feeding the ducks. It was all fun and games until the geese came.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Weekend Fun

This weekend was a lot of fun. Almost everyone camped outside in the backyard. Saturday was filled with football games - Go BYU!!!- After all the games were done we went and played tennis and the kids played at the park.

On Sunday night we played the "I've never" game outside while sitting on air mattresses :) We were sad to see the family all leave. Anyone want to move up here???


There are now five grandkids on the Smith side. Four girls and one boy! Melissa is pregnant so we'll see if she'll even out the numbers a little bit!

Rachel's Blessing Day

Rachel was blessed this weekend so a lot of our family came up to visit! My entire family was here so it was a Smith Family reunion and Jared's parents came up too. It was a lot of fun. It was kind of crazy because we had 17 people stay at our little house with only one bathroom, but there were no "accidents" :) and everything went really well. I'm thankful our family was willing to come up and share the special event with us. Rachel is such a little sweetheart and I'm so thankful to be reminded daily of her closeness to Heavenly Father. It is a great blessing to have children in our home.