Friday, February 27, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new...

We've been getting a lot of "new" things lately, and it's kind of fun :) A couple weeks ago we decided to get new carpet. We knew we needed new carpet, but it wasn't until just barely when we decided it would be a great time to get the carpet. We found a great, cheap guy to do the work for us (thanks Emily) and got it done within a week after really considering it! Both Jared and I LOVE the new carpet!

When the carpet guys came we decided to get rid of our entertainment center (a previous $10 garage sale find) and our T.V. (Free from neighbors :)) We like deals :) We had a smaller T.V. that we were just planning on using instead. Then we went to Utah and Jared's brother Joe gave us their T.V. (Jared's parents T.V.) which BARELY fit in the back seat of our van...

So we had this HUGE T.V. and no entertainment center to put it in and I decided I'd try to find one on craigslist. On Wednesday night we found our awesome entertainment center that fits our T.V. has extra cupboard space, with closing doors on everything. The best part is is that we paid $60 and it's solid oak in great condition! Jared was very happy at my find, because it was much better than he expected (we hadn't seen a picture of it ahead of time)

When we got the carpet we decided it was time to give our cat Matlock back to the previous owners. We liked him, but he still scratched sometimes, and with the new baby we felt it was the best choice. Almost as soon as we gave him away, two new kittens showed up! Now we have 3 stray cats in our backyard, but it's too much... tonight we tried catching them to take to the pound, but no such luck... we'll try again another day :) then maybe we'll get a dog... maybe...

We also were given an awesome swing set. The girls LOVE it! I absolutely love having a big fenced in back yard! (part of the reason for the possible dog...)

Lastly, the new baby will be coming in about 3 weeks! We're excitied for our new addition and slowly getting things ready for her. Here's a picture of me at 37 weeks.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Amen Hilary Weeks

I just saw this video on someone else's blog and thought it was too great to not put it on my blog. Being a mom is a tough job, but I am so thankful to be a mom and to have the chance to raise these children. Yesterday I was talking to my mom on the phone and she said, "When the messes are gone, it means the kids are gone too..." I need to enjoy every moment I have with the kids because even though they're young I know it will go quickly. Here's to every mom everywhere!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rachel's Finger Update

We just got back from the doctor and he said it looks like it is healing good. They took out the five stitches and bandaged the finger. She plays as if there was no injury, but bathing her is a pain since we try not to get it wet. Liz wanted the graphic photos, so we posted them. They were more morbid last week.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Results Are In.....

It's official. We are staying in Idaho!! P.S. Its all because of the poll- 13 votes to 7 :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A partial amputation....

warning: this might make you sick

On Monday night, soon after Jared got home from work we were sitting on the couch talking and the girls were playing. Madeline kind of shut her fingers in the door (just slowly as she was closing it) so she was sitting on Jared's lap and I was doing her hair for a princess party we were all going to in an hour. Suddenly the door to the girls room closed and Rachel started screaming. Her finger was stuck in the door! Jared and I rushed over to her, got the door opened and ran her to the bathroom. Her right index finger was barely attached- gross I know-. I ran the girls to the neighbors house and we rushed Rachel to the E.R.

We were able to cut in line, but were still at the E.R. for about 3 hours. Rachel did really good and was actually able to fall asleep (they hadn't even given her pain killer). They took x-rays and the tip of her bone was shaved off a little bit. She received 5 stitches to re-attach the finger then they bandaged it with a lot of padding so she wouldn't injure it again.

On Tuesday morning we went to an orthopedic surgeon and had him look at her finger to make sure she didn't need surgery. Luckily he gave us good news and said it "looked great". I don't think those would have been my words, but at least he thought that :) We'll go back in a week for a follow up and maybe to take out the stitches.

Wow! What an experience! I'm just happy that Jared was here and that it wasn't worse--- she didn't have to have surgery. The doctor said that her finger should be able to recover fine. I'm thankful to have a hospital close and friends to help take care of the other kids. Let's stay away from the hospital until it's time for this next baby to come!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tucanos is Coming to Boise!

Tucanos is coming to Boise and the Grand Opening is soon. It's a Brazilian Grill Restaurant with delicious all-you-can-eat meat. My dad, brother, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law all went to Brazil on their missions, so eating at Tucanos has become a family favorite. Also, this is where Jen's brother Cameron had his wedding luncheon. It's conveniently located by the temple, so maybe I'll take Jen there for valentines, but don't tell her. Tucanos is also located in Provo, Salt Lake, and Albuquerque.


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New Age Mormon Ads

The Sentimental Years

The Innocent Years


Thursday, February 5, 2009

We're Still Here

We haven't moved yet, and that's okay with me. Things seem to be going slowly, so Jared's job moved the start date in Florida to April 24th. I feel better about that because that means we will have the baby here and I won't have to worry about switching doctors and all the things that go along with having a baby. Plus, my friends are here so it will be fun for them to see the new baby.

It's been pretty nice weather here this week so we went to the park the other day. I admit it was on the chilly side, but it was really nice to get some sunshine. Our girls all have different personalities... Madeline has gotten to the point where she likes pretty much everything at the park. We are just realizing now that Aliza must be afraid of heights... she climbed two steps and acted so scared after that. She doesn't like the big slides and would swing all day if we let her. Rachel isn't afraid at all. She climbs to the tallest slide and pretty much head dives down the slide... I wonder who got who's jeans :) I love getting outside in the fresh air. It's so reFRESHing :)

The other day the girls were playing on this rocking horse/ tee-tor totter and Jared decided it would be fun to climb on :) I just love it when the girls play nicely with each other. It makes me happy and happy to be their mommy. It's good to stop and remember the good things of life.