Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I saw this fun idea for rainbow pancakes on the blogosphere the other day and thought it was the perfect dinner for us. My kids don't know that pancakes are suppose to be for breakfast :) One day I asked Madeline if she wanted pancakes for breakfast and she laughed and said, "Pancakes aren't for breakfast Mom". Haha I don't think I've ever served them pancakes at breakfast, so anyway. The pancakes were a huge hit (just use food coloring). I also made scrambled eggs for the "golden treasure". I was planning on making a green smoothie using spinach, but didn't get around to it.

I've always really liked St. Patricks Day, and I really like the rainbow theme. I think I started a new tradition :)
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Trip to Utah

At the end of February we took a family trip to Utah so my parents could take care of our kids while Jared and I went on a house-hunting trip. That's right, a house-hunting trip... we're moving to Michigan! It was really nice to be able to check out Michigan. It was definitely colder there, but we really like what we have seen of it. It will be sad to be so far away, but it's a fun new adventure for us.
I felt really bad about leaving the kids though because they were sick. Madeline started with a fever the day before we left and had croup that night. We still left the next day for Utah and I seperated the kids so Madeline had the front seat all to herself. I was hoping no one else would get sick, but everyone ended up getting it. Even my poor parents. Jared and I got sick too, but we were still able to get a lot done while we were gone.
On Saturday after we got back my parents got us tickets to go to the last BYU home game. Jared's mom watched our kids, which was very nice of her. It was really fun to watch- go Jimmer :) The stadium was never that full when I went to school there. It was really fun to hear the BYU fight song. Go cougars!!
Thanks again to all of our family who helped. We really appreciated it!
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Bathtime Nap

Amaya is so funny after she takes baths. She loves to lay down with her towel over her as a blanket. A couple times she has even fallen asleep. The day I took this picture I emptied out the water out of the bathtub and she stayed in there and laid down so I put the towel over her. She was perfectly happy. Not the most comfortable napping spot if you ask me :)
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