Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Idaho State Fair

I'm testing out this new function of adding videos to blogs. I was planning on uploading this video of Aliza playing in beans so it worked out perfectly! Last Thursday we went to the Idaho state fair and Madeline and Aliza played in corn, beans, and wheat. They had a lot of fun. We also got to go around and look at lots of different animals. The girls loved it!

Busy Busy Busy!!!

So I have wanted to blog for at least a week but I am now FINALLY getting the chance, or rather I guess I should say I'm making the chance :) I was debating whether to finish cleaning the house tonight or catch up on my blog... I think I chose the better of the two decisions- at least for your sake :) Life has been good lately. Rachel is now more than 5 weeks old! She's a good little baby. Aliza's pretty much only walking (not crawling)now, and is starting to say mama, and Madeline (she calls herself "Ine" )is starting to really understand a lot and make a lot of funny comments. For example, last week we were eating dinner and she was sitting on my chair and fell off. The first thing she said was "Ine's hiding" and then she said, "Ine's okay" Jared and I were laughing so hard- good thing she wasn't really hurt :) The other night also at dinner we were eating pizza and I took my napkin and was blotting off the grease and Madeline took a napkin and blotted off her grease too, but then she licked the napkin so she could eat what she just took off. hahaha So much for blotting the grease. Anyway, I'm really thankful for our three little girls. They make me smile all the time and only cry sometimes :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sisterly Love

The other night when I went to check on the girls I saw a funny thing... Madeline had thrown every toy that was in her reach into Aliza's bed. What a nice sister :) Another funny thing was that Madeline didn't have any toys on her bed.

Corn Huskers

This year was our first year to have a garden. What did we have... one tomato plant and some corn. The tomato plant has been great! I am the only one who likes tomatoes so one plant was perfect. The corn wasn't so great, but hey, at least we got something :) And I have to say for our first garden we did a pretty good job. On Saturday Jared and the girls "harvested" the corn and then Jared cooked it! Jared cooked, that means something big :) The corn tasted okay, but I don't think I'll plant corn again next year. I think I'll do more things that take up less space. Anyway. I'll call our first year of gardening a success.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Aliza's got a new way to Walk

Aliza is walking now. This is Jen's first movie she made completely by herself.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Photo Shoot

Yesterday while M&A were asleep I set up my studio for a photo shoot with Rachel. She was awake when we started, but that didn't last long. She smiles in her sleep all the time, so I'm glad I caught her smiling on film!

Three Little Girls

The other day I tried taking a picture of the three girls together. I guess you could say they kind of worked :) I love it how Aliza is holding Rachel's hand and Rachel is getting ready to scream. Maybe she needs her space...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Call me Crazy!

On Wednesday night our city had a free event thing for families. There were lots of fun blow up toys, ponies for the girls to pet, horses to ride, and a ROCK WALL!! I knew Jared would just love the rock wall and it sounded like great family event so we decided to go from 6:00-7:00 pm because Jared had scouts at 7:00. Madeline was too afraid of all of the running kids at the blow up toys so she didn't love that, but we took her to the ponies and she thought they were great. The line was REALLY long to ride the horses so we decided we'd just wait until next year... plus, Jared REALLY wanted me to climb the rock wall and if we waited in line we wouldn't have had time to do that :)
So... I climbed the rock wall and successfully got to the top! It was definitely harder than it looked, but it was fun and gave me a rush, and I can't wait until Jared and I can go real rock climbing in the mountains. We ran out of time for Jared to climb, but he was just happy because I did it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Successful Stay-at-Home Mommy!

It's day #3 on my own and I have to say that it is a success so far! I have been pretty lucky to have all three girls sleep at the same time and for a couple hours each day. I feel that the Lord is really blessing the girls to be really good right now. We have some little sweet hearts!
The other night we dressed Madeline up and put little "earrings" on and had her wear some bracelets. She just loved it. Last night she cried when we took them off so she could go to bed.
Aliza was getting really tired when I took this picture. I just think she looks cute, even though she was crying :)

More Helpers

Last Tuesday my mom and two sisters, Carly and Kaylie came up here to visit and to help out. It has been almost a year since they have seen Madeline and Aliza (Aliza was only 4 weeks old) so they have changed a ton. Madeline and Aliza had fun playing with Grandma and the girls. Madeline woke up on Monday (after my mom and sisters left) and said, "where'd Kaylie go"? so she's attached already. We really appreciated all the help we have received these last two weeks! It would have been much more difficult without the help!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Little Girls

These pictures are from the first night that Rachel really opened her eyes to look around. She is a very alert baby now. I took her in to the doctor today and had her weighed and she has gained 12 ounces since last week! I think that is a record for all of our babies! Now she weighs 6 lbs. 12 oz. so hopefully she'll keep gaining so she can become a "chub" :) Madeline and Aliza are both getting use to having "baby sister Rachel" in the house. They love it when she wakes up from naps.